07/15 Meeting -- Competition

Here, on short notice, is the detail on the upcoming Utah Stereo Society Competition! Please read it all, and decide to participate!

We will conduct the competition at our regular meeting at the Provo Library, 7:00 p.m., this Tuesday, July 15, 2008. We encourage every member and interested spectator to join in this competition and enter up to three views, to earn "show points" and to show off your growing talents. Here's the way it works:

The prizes are two-part: First, you get to show off to an admiring audience the stereo work you've done. Second, you get "show points" both for participating at all and for having your views win the acclamation of those present: Every one who enters one or more views into the competition is given three show points automatically. Then, additional show points are
awarded based on audience votes. We'll project the pictures on the big screen, announce the title of the view, and give time for comments, if any, from the audience. Each audience member will also be given a secret ballot on which they can vote for the views they believe are the top four views in the show. The photographers whose views are chosen as the top four will receive extra points: Four points for first place, three for second, two for third, and one for fourth place, based on counting all the votes cast.

These points will accrue over time and over multiple competitions, so those with the most points will get notoriety and fame, plus perhaps a nominal prize of some sort, at some time in the future, perhaps yearly. So, you get points just for entering, and even more points if your view gets good votes.

This first competition is open for any stereo view you've taken, but we're limiting each person to just three views, maximum. Don't hesitate to submit a view you think we've seen before--if you think it's good, enter it. Dig through your views and find those you like the best.

We're uncertain about how to intermix the film views and the digital views. For this first competition, we're asking for views of either format. If you have film slides to enter, give each one a title and bring them with you on the night of the competition. We'll randomize the sequence of showing so that the audience isn't told the name of the photographer--just the title of the slide. If you have digital views, we'll need those in advance so they can be assembled into a sequence for viewing. You can save your view as a jpg file, with the views side by side, right view first, (which can be saved with a .jps extension), with the left view first, or as two separate jpg
files wherein the left and right views have identical pixel sizes. Send those files by e-mail to me at kluker@sisna.com, or to Larry Haines at lhaines@digis.net, or you can get a cdrom or thumb drive containing the files to Larry Haines, at least two days before the competition. Larry will
assemble the digital views into a file for the show.

Every person is encouraged to find up to three views for the contest. Bring other views if you wish, for showing after the contest, but limit your contest entries to just three. Bring the slides with you, or send the digital files to arrive at least two days in advance.

Then, join us for the showing, the voting, and the sharing of this great pastime!

Let's all be there for this first of what we hope is a long continuing series of increasingly satisfying competition sessions!