Next Meeting : New Member Night 4/16

Just a reminder about our next club meeting. We're having a "New Member Night" on Tuesday, April 15th @ 7pm at the Provo Library. We'd like to take this opportunity to to welcome any new people, get to know each other, review club membership, calendar of events, discuss competition guidelines, and have a hands on 3D photo tutorial.

We'd like to encourage everyone to bring a one or two photos they've taken ("flatties" are ok if you don't have any stereo to show), and an appropriate viewer -- anaglyphs, slides in a hand-held viewer, stereo cards, etc. are all easy to share.

After introductions and club business, we'll take some cha-cha stereo shots around the library then edit in Stereo Photo Maker as time allows. If you're new to stereo, this is a great way to start! Bring a digital camera if you'd like. We'll have at least two laptop computers available to run SPM, or likewise, you may bring your own.

We look forward to seeing you there!