March Meeting Recap (Digital Night)

We had about 20 people come out for our March meeting on digital stereo. I missed the February meeting, so this was my first time meeting at the Provo Library. The room there is a fantastic space for our group, and I think we're lucky to have it.

Larry Haines brought his digital projectors and a slideshow of some recent digital photos he has taken with his twin rig. This was his first time moving and setting up the projectors at the library, but once some adjustments were made, we were able to enjoy the show.

One of our newer members, Veloy Cook, showed several of his first digital slide bar photos, which included some nice landscapes of Utah Lake. Here are two of the images he shared with us (click for larger view):

Ken Luker also showed some family snapshots he took to test out his new LANC controller and two-camera setup. Ken brought the cameras to show, but we ran out of time before he had a chance to talk about them. I'm sure we'll have another opportunity soon. We're looking forward to seeing some excellent digital submissions at our competition in May.

There were several other new faces at the meeting, but I didn't have a chance to meet everyone. In April, we're having a new member night, and we hope to all get better acquainted.