Intro to Stereo Workshop

The Utah Stereo Society will be presenting a workshop at the March 20th meeting of the Wasatch Camera Club. The workshop will highlight various 3D formats and equipment, and will a include demonstration on how to make stereo images using a single digital camera. We'll also have a brief slideshow using polarized projection and a "show and tell" table for Q&A after the workshop. Come see how fun 3D can be -- we hope to see you there!

The Wasatch Camera Club meets at the Columbus Community Center, 2531 S. 400 E., Salt Lake City, Utah. Doors open at 6, meeting starts at 7pm.

Yahoo! Groups Email List

We have set up an email list through Yahoo! Groups to send out meeting announcements, reminders, field trip sign-ups, etc. If you'd like to join, please send an email to:

January Meeting Wrap-Up

Our January planning meeting was a success. There were a lot of great ideas discussed, many of which are reflected on the calendar for this coming year. We are excited to have a secured a beautiful meeting space at the Provo City Library and look forward to meeting new people and participating in many excellent programs this year.

We are working out the details on a few of the calendar items, so stay tuned for more information. A link to download a comprehensive schedule for the year will be posted as soon as it's available. See you in February!

Resource Links

A few favorite links:

  1. National Stereoscopic Association (NSA)
  2. 3D Clubs Worldwide
  3. Photo-3D Yahoo List
  4. Stereo Photo Maker
  5. 3D Center for Art and Photography
  6. Dr. T's Stereoscopic 3D Site
  7. Berezin Stereo Photography Products

12/16/2008 Meeting: Movie Night

We will attend a wide-release 3D movie together and then meet at a restaurant afterward to discuss. Several major films are currently in production and at least two should be available at this time.

11/18/2008 Meeting: Workshop TBD

We hope to have a guest presenter conduct a workshop on phantograms or cha-cha stereo. Details will be posted as they become available.

10/21/2008 Meeting: Digital Night 2

The second of two digital nights this year. We will have a tutorial and discussion of digital shooting, projection, and Stereo Photo Maker software conducted by Larry Haines.

09/16/2008 Meeting: USS Competition

Utah Stereo Society competition of pictures taken in the past four months. View, judge, and critique each other's images. Prizes awarded for Best Landscape, Best Human Interest, Best Short Story Group, and Best of Show.

08/19/2008 Field Trip: State Capitol

A local field trip to the newly restored state capitol building. Meet at the main entrance at 6:00. Self guided tour information is available, and the building is open until 8pm. Tripods ok.

07/09/2008 - 07/14/2008: NSA Convention

We will not be holding a regularly scheduled meeting in July. Instead, everyone is invited to attend the 2008 NSA convention in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

06/27/2008 - 06/28/2008 Field Trip: TBD

We will travel to a scenic location in the state and enjoy a weekend of stereo shooting. More details and sign up information to come.

05/20/2008 Meeting: NSA Shows & Mounting

View three shows presented at the 2007 NSA/ISU convention. We'll also discuss and demonstrate stereo mounting. Come brush up your skills or share your knowledge with others.

06/17/2008 Meeting: USS Competition

An open competition for still film and digital images from club participants. Judging and critique by club members. Prizes awarded for Best Landscape, Best Human Interest, and Best of Show. More details to come.

04/15/2008 Meeting: New Member Night

A special night to welcome new members and show a variety of stereo media. Bring a friend!

03/18/2008: Digital Night 1

This will be the first of two meetings this year dedicated to digital stereo photography. We will be discussing and viewing digital projection and equipment. Feel free to bring your digital equipment to show and tell.

02/19/2008 Meeting: PSA Show & Judging

We will be viewing and judging a traveling competition slide show organized by the PSA. Before the show, Ken Luker will discuss some things to look for as criteria in judging good stereo photography.